Transition to Quality Based Reimbursement

The shift from fee for service (quantity) to value based care (quality) presents both challenges and opportunities to healthcare providers and the industry as a whole.  As reimbursement models change, office based providers must adopt new strategies to improve patient outcomes and more effectively manage the overall cost of care to produce those outcomes.

Payers realize the value of clinical based data and evidence based clinical processes and as a result reimbursements are increasingly tied to patient outcomes and optimized resource use (i.e. reducing costs).  This requires care providers to leverage clinical technology and processes that minimize gaps in care, maximize patient compliance and streamline care coordination.  


Quality Improvement

HQS of LA offers services to primary and specialty care providers that assist in achieving the quality and cost goals associated with value based care and alternative payment models. 

Patient Data Analytics

HQS combines technical knowhow with clinical expertise to identify gaps in care and barriers to care adherence by Analyzing data and coordinating outreach activities to ensure compliance. 

Patient Engagement

Leveraging the findings from the Data Analytics services, HQS implements combine electronic and human intervention campaigns to improve compliance and outcomes.  

Mobile Ultrasound

Offer your patients services from general ultrasounds to cardio specific imaging including ECHO and other Vascular related studies.  Optional services offered for Radiology & Cardiology reads by licensed MDs.

Referral Management

It is no longer sufficient to order a referral, send some information and hope for the best.  HQS offers referral management services to ensure timely and efficient referral cycles. 

Additional Quality-Based Services

  • Discharge Follow up
  • Counseling
  • Health Coaching
  • On-Call Services
  • and much more. . .

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